Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority 2015 Annual Report

Posted: April 1, 2016 | Keywords: FY2015, annual report, icjia

On behalf of the Members and staff of the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority, I am pleased to present the ICJIA Fiscal Year 2015 Annual Report. This report features the Authority’s work in Illinois criminal justice policy and planning, grants administration, research, and information systems development during the fiscal year.

In FY15, we continued our focus on maximizing resources that lead to positive program outcomes. This includes our support of the Adult Redeploy Illinois program, designed to help local jurisdictions expand the capacity to safely supervise non-violent offenders in their communities by investing in evidence-based model programs shown to reduce recidivism and keep offenders out of prison. Adult Redeploy operates 22 sites with 24 distinct programs across 39 counties. These sites serve about 1,200 non-violent offenders each quarter, resulting in an estimated $70 million in correctional cost savings since program inception in 2011.

Authority researchers are examining individual Adult Redeploy site fidelity to evidence-based program models and evaluating program implementation across the state. Administrative data, criminal history record information, and interviews with clients, staff, and other stakeholders are being analyzed to measure program effectiveness. Results of some of these studies were published in FY15. Information gathered informs program planning, development, and funding decisions.

The Authority administered 21 state and federal grant programs in FY15, including the state Family Violence Coordinating Councils and federal Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program, Victims of Crime Act, and Violence Against Women Act. Almost 400 individual grants were processed, with $53.7 million in disbursements made for the fiscal year.

The Authority provided victim data collection support to 71 domestic violence programs, 34 sexual assault centers and eight child advocacy centers in FY15 through its InfoNet system. InfoNet is a web-based data collection and reporting system used by victim service providers in Illinois. The system serves both as a grants management system and statewide repository for victim service data. InfoNet also helps facilitate continuous strategic planning at state and local levels that supports effective resource allocation and improves services. InfoNet data for the fiscal year show more than 700,000 hours of service were provided to more than 66,000 victims of domestic and sexual violence across Illinois.

The Authority also initiated a website overhaul in FY15. The new site features a streamlined design and more engaging user experience. The site provides enhanced navigation and accessibility to Authority research, grant information, and other resources. It also allows access across multiple devices, including cell phones, tablets, and laptop computers. Open source (mostly free) web development tools were used in the redesign to keep maintenance costs down while offering enhanced web security. Nearly 370,000 users visited the Authority website during the fiscal year.

We will continue to collaborate with the criminal justice community, the legislature and the general public as we work toward our mission of improving the administration of criminal justice in Illinois.

John Maki
Executive Director