Timothy Lavery

Research Director

Timothy Lavery has over 20 years of experience gaining insights from criminal justice data. His areas of expertise include police violence prevention strategies, police oversight and reform, and restorative justice programs. Tim has spent most of his professional career working at the Chicago Police Department (CPD) where, for the past three years, he supervised an analytic team devoted to providing data and information to inform CPD’s ongoing reform process. In this capacity, he advised on CPD use of force policy and helped improve public information on complaints against police. He also served on the CPD Tableau Center of Practice management team, shaping key business intelligence metrics and providing data support to new Tableau users. Tim has a master’s degree in social psychology and a Ph.D. in criminology, law, and justice from the University of Illinois at Chicago and is working toward a master of information technology degree from Virginia Tech University.

(312) 793-8550