Sal Perri

Sal Perri is the Authority’s assistant web developer. In that role Sal assists in maintenance of the agency’s eight websites, updates website content databases, troubleshoots upon request from site users, and maintains website analytics. Sal also creates, updates, and maintains web-enabled reports and surveys for the agency. He works with agency staff to create detailed surveys and survey-based requests for proposals and immediately troubleshoots technical issues for their duration. In addition, Sal works with the webmaster and the agency’s research staff to create interactive, web-based publications and specialized web pages. Sal has worked for the Authority for more than 25 years, beginning as a research analyst with the agency’s Research & Analyst Unit. Prior to joining the Authority, Sal was a consultant for the Illinois Law Enforcement Training & Standards Board and for the International Association of Chiefs of Police Network (IACPNet), and a jobs columnist for Access USA News, a newspaper for people with disabilities. Sal was the 2000 recipient of the State of Illinois Interagency Committee on Employees with Disabilities Employee of the Year award and is a member of several organizations, including the Justice Research and Statistical Association, the National Rehabilitation Association, Project Action Resource Council, and Access Living of Chicagoland. Sal is a paralegal and also holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Sal Perri is the Authority Assistant Web Developer.

(773) 546-9385  

Academic Background

Bachelor of Arts, Criminal Justice, University of Illinois at Chicago