Christine Devitt Westley

Christine Devitt Westley manages Authority criminal justice data holdings for public dissemination. She also manages analysis of these data to inform practitioner and policy maker decisions. Her research interests include the use of criminal justice administrative data for research purposes, collateral consequences of criminal records, homicide studies, and sentencing reform. Her work has been recognized by the Justice Research and Statistics Association through several Statistical Analysis Center Website and Technical Innovation awards. She earned her master’s degree in Applied Social Psychology from Loyola University Chicago.

Christine Devitt Westley is the Authority Manager of the Center for Criminal Justice Data and Analytics.

Academic Background

  • Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, Loyola University of Chicago
  • Master of Science, Applied Social Psychology, Loyola University of Chicago

Areas of Interest

Criminal history record information, homicide, and information systems integration


Examining the Recidivism of Firearm Offenders Using State Criminal History and Mortality Data
July 31, 2018 | Article | Criminal Justice, Offenders, Recidivism
In this study, researchers compared recidivism rates of individuals initially arrested for gun charges with individuals arrested for other offenses. The researchers also used state criminal history records, state prison records, and death certificates to follow individuals for 10 years after their first firearm arrest. Findings offer relevant insights into first-time, firearm-involved arrestees, their recidivism patterns, and mortality rates, and inform policy and practice on the issue of guns and violence.
By Christine Devitt Westley And Bobae Kang
Reentry support: Lessons learned from community-based programs
October 21, 2016 | Article | Reentry
In 2014, the Reentry Program, one of three components of Illinois’ Community Violence Prevention Program (CVPP) receiving funds through the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority, provided services to youth and young adults on parole and aftercare in 21 Chicago area communities in order to assist with their compliance with parole board orders and other aspects of successful community reintegration, such as educational enrollment and employment. Authority researchers examined the Reentry Program component of the Community Violence Prevention Program (CVPP) to ascertain how the program was meeting the reentry needs of Chicago area youth and young adults.
By Idetta Phillips, Christine Devitt Westley, And Jessica Reichert
Evaluation of Chicago Police Department’s Crisis Intervention Team for Youth training curriculum: Year 2
July 14, 2016 | Evaluation | Law Enforcement
The Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority awarded several grants to the National Alliance on Mental Illness of Chicago to fund Crisis Intervention Training for Youth courses to officers at the Chicago Police Department. The program was the first 40-hour, five-day law enforcement youth crisis intervention training offered in the country.
By Rebecca Skorek And Christine Devitt Westley
Assessing the quality of Illinois Criminal History Record Information System data on juveniles
January 22, 2016 | Article | Juveniles
Detailed statewide statistical data is needed to inform juvenile justice policy decisions. The Illinois Criminal History Record Information System has been used with some success, but its full potential for statistical purposes has not been systematically evaluated. This report provides such an assessment, focusing on the completeness of the juvenile arrest and court information collected by the CHRI System.
By Christine Devitt Westley