Lauren Weisner

Lauren Weisner is a Research Assistant and former research intern at the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority. Lauren is a current graduate student at Loyola University Chicago and will be graduating with a MA in Criminal Justice and Criminology in December 2018. Beforehand, she earned a BS in Psychology and Criminal Justice from Grand Valley State University. Lauren’s research interests include criminal justice policy, evidence-based practices, applied research, and corrections.

Lauren Weisner is Authority Intern.


Addressing Opioid Use Disorders in Corrections: A Survey of Illinois Jails
September 7, 2018 | Article | Jails
Even with substantial efforts at the state and local levels, opioid overdoses in Illinois continue to rise. Many in jails and prisons suffer from opioid use disorders and some receive treatment. Upon release, the risk of overdose is enhanced due to reduced tolerance. This article presents findings from a survey of 36 Illinois jail administrators on the use of medication-assisted treatment for detainees with opioid use disorders, naloxone distribution to reduce post-release overdose, and policies to ensure safe withdrawal from opioids and other drugs.
By Jessica Reichert, Lauren Weisner, Tyler Marcheschi, Lily Gleicher, And Sharyn Adams